Abiss Decadence full set

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Frasha Boa

- Abiss Interior Design

With great pleasure and joy im proud to present new store and creator that just joined to my Second Life Adult Furniture and Equipment blog. Established in 2007 its my honor to bring you my readers Frasha Boa owner of Abiss Interior Design store.

Like many good stores before i discovered Abiss by random luck. My friend invite me to some party in hers friends house. I was not thrilled to much but i did go any way. And like always after usual meeting and greeting after tp i start to look around and check furniture. And there it was. In his full glory Abiss Decadence set. instantly i click it and look for name of creator. 24 hrs later i was talking with Frasha Boa.

She is like all big creators, simple and easy to talk with. Likes to talk more about furniture then any thing else so we did fit great. This is what she told me about her store:

"We are proud to deliver most sophisticated designs since 2007.

Digital beauty is our objective and we are proud of our achievements. If you are looking for friendly customer care and simply most stunning designs, you are looking at right place...

Visit us in game to see what we offer"

For first presentation on my blog we choose for your reading pleasure Abiss Decadence full set. Its amazingly detailed well made 100% mesh set with texture changer that will make your club or private home just glow with style and high class felling.

Sofa is animated not just for sitting but it got full adult sex menu in side. In easy to use menu, MLPV2.4z7 system, you will find cuddles, 3some, adult and sequences. I really need to add that in adult sub menus all is full with animations and options; foreplay, ride, front, behind, rough, d/s, kabuki....
All in premium high quality chosen animations.

You can be sure that by purchasing this set you getting all round sitting set that will for fill all tasks from just socializing and hanging with friends to intimate moments full of passion and kink that you prefer. All that in impeccable great looking design.

When it comes to customer service all i can say is that is on same level as the look of Abiss Interior Design furniture. Stunning good.

With all that i will highly recommend Abiss Interior Design Abiss Decadence full set to you my respected readers. This level of quality work cant go unnoticed and im looking forward to see more of Frasha Boa creations.

Direct link for in world store under the text:




Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

One of constant worker and perfectionist when it comes to her products is Alina Graf owner of Alina animations store.
I did review her Bed PLEASURE v4 on 8/22/2013 that you can see on this link on my blog


and just two month later she got brand new version with updates and new animations out. This is what Alina told me that major changes are:

V5 update is available for all my 8 bed models and as bare bed engine as well.

This time i tried to improve the whole menu navigation, remove glitches and add new, original poses. Unfortunately the balls memory is emptying and I feared to add more poses in it.

I added 43  brand new poses and 109 animations! Now it contains  919 self made animations and 393 poses (animations combinations)!

These are the news for this version:

Reorganized menus,

a better sit script for pillows,

updated XPose script to avoid script locks,

new menus available:

MBF2 (bisex men and 1 girl)

All my beds are available with a Texture Changer to fit any environment and sleep poses in pillows (when present).

Alina Graf using old habit, to make great things even more better and striving to perfect. First thing that i noticed about new bed was that it seems some how smoother in changing poses, not like the old one was not good or smooth, but i think that this one will work fast as bullet even on lagy sims and places.

Menu is bigger and expanded, but still extremely user friendly and easy to use with swift response to each button click. Xcite and dick rotation (if you use xcite private parts) working with out any mistake. And speed changer is, like on last version great extra feature that i strongly recommend.

Important thing to say is that Alina dont charge for updates. So all of you my dear readers that own any of Alina animations v 4.0 beds just contact Alina Graf and she will give you all instructions how to update your bed to latest version free.

If you dont have it, here is links for SL market place and in world store where you can get it:




SA Naughty Headstones Box

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Selina Anatra

- Selina Anatra Designs

Continuing my small Halloween furniture series i present for you today, my dear readers SA Naughty Headstones Box made by Selina Anatra.

Selina Anatra Designs are well known for sculpts and mesh that many other fine furniture makers in SL use for they products to, so when it comes to building and texture side, they are definitely one of the best on the market today.

In purchase box you will find 10 different unscripted and 10 different scripted headstones. All copy, and giving you freedom to decorate your own graveyard scene in any way you like and save scripts impact and prims on your land.

This is how Selina Anatra owner and creator of Selina Anatra Designs describe them:

Perfect for Home, Office, Yard or Halloween, these finely designed Headstones will fit with any decor.

They come scripted with some fun playtime activities for you and your partner.

Because these were taken from sacred burial grounds, they also have their own little ghostly helpers that can grab and hold victims for you (via RLV).

Want more poses? Sure..you can add your own poses too.

Xcite and Sensations compatible.

Also Includes unscripted versions to help you fill out that empty space.

**Dont need poses? Its also available in an unscripted package..see the store**

Keeping the top place among furniture creators in RLV force furniture Selina Anatra giving us once again so many options in low prim impact amazing good looking script light top of the line products.

If you didnt try them by now, use links for SL market place or in world store under the text and be sure to get your own copy. They work amazing same like they look ;)





Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kacey Pomegranate


I continue my Halloween special with something great from X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS. Like always Kacey Pomegranate decided to give her customers the "whole nine yards" so we have a scene (not animated but prim one like decor) and an animated coffin.

Scene (decor) you can buy separate, and coffin comes with scene included in purchase box.

- X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS COFFIN is 6  prims land impact

Details and textures are amazing. You have it all in here, from a pentagram with red candles, headstones, animated bats, ghosts, and a howling wolf sound that can be turned on or off.

When it comes to animations, beside romance, dance, foreplay, oral, interludes, sex, doggy, anal and freaky you also have a special menu section with vampire animations that are the most realistic ones of their kind in SL.  So these amazing animations together with the option to open and close the coffin lid make this item an ideal coffin for any blood line player or vampire/lycan enthusiast in SL, and it can be used all year long.

The Xpose system guarantees quality use and performance and all animations inside the coffin are extremely smooth and high quality ones, and thats axiom in all furniture made by X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS.

X-Clusives Animations ...

* Is one of the most popular animation shops in all of SL

* Has unique animations from romance to sex, daily living to dance, club animations & specialized BDSM devices, furnishings for the entire house, indoors and out (all animated).

* Has been in business for over 6 years and continues to grow!

* Has a main store covering 2 Sims FULL SIMS.

* Has over 10,000 members in 2 groups - The VIP group offers 25% discount on most products and special MM Board gifts.

* Is competitively priced, with numerous daily specials, discounts, in-store hunts, Free Specials, MM Boards and spontaneous prize give away.

* Doesn't just set up the shop and leave it to run itself.

* Has 20+ staff members offering high quality customer service, practically around the clock, and numerous languages represented.

* Hosts dances and contest within the shop, allowing for more socializing.

* Also host a number of high quality third-party vendor items.

* Partners with numerous businesses and events to help make Second Life a more diverse, enjoyable experience for all.

Great idea that's realized in something that we can rez, too. I hope that you, my dear readers, will find this X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS GRAVEYARD SCENE WITH ANIMATED COFFIN amazingly well made and have pleasure using it the same as i did on tests for review.

Links for SL market place and in world store under the text:




*Belle's* Sybian & Halloween Bukkake BOX

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: BelleJour Shinn

- Belle's Breath of Lust Design


Halloween is coming ladies and gents, so we need to get our SL houses and sim decorated and ready. The way majority of my readers do, we wont be trick ot treating, but we will be fucking or getting fuckt ;)

To help you out in your festivity spirit, my dear friend and damn hot blonde, BelleJour Shinn come up with Pumpkin Riding Spermtoy.

- 2 Prims land impact

- Solo Female & Group Poses menu

- 35 Hand made Animation

- MLPV 2.4z9 system

Info for Bukkake sybian:

- 4 Prims land impact

- 5 Different designs

- Solo Dildo Menu

- FMMMM Bukkake Menu

- Sybian

This amazing "toy" is unique item, hand made by BelleJour Shinn. Extremely low in price Pumpkin Riding Spermtoy is affordable for all SL users. And its been specially redone and updated with new animations for Halloween 2013.

Design is impeccable and animations, that can only be found in this special item, are high quality with top frames and overlap time.

No need to spend money on virtual candies, and crazy costumes, just rez this fine Pumpkin Riding Spermtoy, get naked, sit on it and your guests will love what you fixed for
Halloween ;)

In purchase box you will not only find Halloween Bukkake pumpkin, but also 5 additional bukkake seats that will allow you to enjoy this item all year long, having same hand made animations in different look and sybian system.

When BelleJour Shinn makes offer for furniture its the best one thats on market.

Pumpkin Riding Spermtoy is available in SL market place and in world store on links that are printed under the text:




SA Hanged Display Type-1 Mesh

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Selina Anatra

- Selina Anatra Designs

I did get many requests to suggest some good RLV bondage capture display. Also many new in BDSM asking me how to fully use it. So today i will be as technical as possible.

In my opinion Selina Anatra owner and creator of Selina Anatra Designs store is best when it comes to options and design in RLV bondage trap devices so for todays review ill do SA Hanged Display Type-1 Mesh. This is how Selina describe it:

"Another Quality device for fun and excitement as only SA is able to bring you...

This Hanging Displayer is perfect for holding and displaying you pets, slaves...or even just for a bit of private fun.

Fully Menu Driven, You can capture and control the sitter and make them take the operating dildo if you wish... As an added feature, either you or the sitter is able to control how fast (how needy) they want to ride against it.

Full RLV means capturing and holding is a snap and the timer means you can hold them as long as you like.

Color menu allows you to change the colors of the various parts, and it is also mod, so you can make custom colors."

Now lets go all technical:

This is a simple Hanged Display.  XCite! and Sensations compatible

Using the Device.........

Drag the device from your inventory to the floor.  To move it, right click and choose edit.  There is a light shadow you can use to adjust the height.

Menu Options..

Poses: Change how you/sitter is riding the Sybian
    Note: Poses will only show when there is a sitter on the device
Play Mode: Open the menu to set cycling and method of playing poses
    Random On: Set animations to play randomly
    Sequence: Set animations to play in sequence as they appear in the !SAPose note
    Auto: Set animations to change automatically
    Manual: Set animations to only change via the Poses menu
Get Relay (only when RLV is turned on): Gives an RLV relay to the menu user
Dildo Control: Open the menu to control the speed and position of the dildo.
Timer (only when RLV is turned on): Open the menu to Control the timer for keeping the sitter locked
    Timer On: Turn the timer on (sets to the default or last setting you made)
    Timer Off: Turns the Timer off
    +Min: Add one minute to time
    -Min: Subtract one minute from time
    +10 Min: Add ten minutes to time
    -10 Min: Subtract ten minutes from time
    +Hour: Add one hour to time
    -Hour: Subtract one Hour from Time
Extras: Open te menu to control Extra Features
    Xcite On: Turn Xcite/Sensations Arousal on
    Xcite Off: Turn Xcite/Sensations Arousal off
    Orgasm On: Allow Sitter to orgasm
    Orgasm Off: Deny the sitter from orgasm
    Express On: Turn Expressions (face animation) On
    Express Off: Turn Expressions (face animation) Off
Capture (only when RLV is turned on): Open the menu to capture a nearby AV (must be wearing relay)
Release (only when RLV is turned on): release the current sitter from the device
RLV: Open the menu to control RLV settings
    RLV On: Turn RLV on
    RLV Off: Turn RLV off
    Allow Pose: Allow the sitter to access the Poses menu
    Deny Pose: Deny the sitter from accessing the Poses Menu
    No Inventory / Yes Inventory: Control whether Sitter is allowed to access their Inventory
    Allow Rez /  No Rez: Control whether Sitter is allowed to Rez objects
    Allow Edit / No Edit: Control whether Sitter is allowed to Edit objects
    No IM / Allow IM: Control whether Sitter is allowed to talk in IM's
    No Maps /  Allow Maps: Control whether Sitter is allowed to View Maps or know their location
    No TP /  Allow TP: Control whether Sitter is allowed to teleport from their current location
    No Chat /  Allow Chat: Control whether Sitter is allowed to talk/hear Local Chat
    Clear All: Clear all current RLV Restrictions
Appearance: Open Menu to change the colors of the device
    Main Support: Select the main support colors
    Trim: Select the trim colors
    Rings: Change the colors of the rings
    Dildo: Change the color of the dildo
Access: Open Menu to control Menu Access
    Owner: Only device owner can access the menu
    Anyone: Anyone may access the menu
    Group: Only members of the group the device is rezzed under may access the menu
    Owner Deny: Deny the owner from accessing the menu when they are sitting on the device
    Owner Allow: The device's owner may access the menu when sitting
    Pub On: Anyone (non sitter) may access the Poses menu and control the sitter
    Pub Off: Only the Sitter has access to the Poses Menu.
    **Note:  AV's listed in the !keyholders notecard will have full access to the device at all times (use with caution)
Main: Return to Main Menu
Done: Close the Menu

Adding Keyholders.......

Keyholders are essentially super users, they have full access to the menus at all times, so only add people you trust not to mess up your settings.

In the device  contents is the !keyholders notecard, right click and edit that.
Add one name per line.  You must use their official name, not display name, for those without last names use 'Resident'.
Save the card

Adding your own poses.................

Only if you're comfortable editing note cards

the !SAPose card contains the poses and other information relating to each pose.
to add your own...

    Right click on the !SAPose notecard and choose edit
    Format for poses is as follows
    Button name | Animation | Anim Time | Position | Rotation | Xcite Amount | Xcite Kink | Face Anim | Sound | Loop Sound
    If there is no setting for a particular field, leave it blank as the scripts will ignore it.
    Xcite Amount Field:  Currently the only settings available are vibey low, vibey normal, vibey med and vibey high, each with a different effect on the arousal
    Face Anim Field: This will use the built in expression animations in the viewer, You can find a list of these on the LSL wiki.
    Loop Sound Field: This tells the scripts if the sound should loop or the number of times it should play..0 means to loop automatically, putting any number other than 0 will cause the animation to play that many times

Changes from previous editions

X3 Implementation
SA X3 scripts are a complete rewrite of the older scripts, less memory, less script time, improved features and
under the hood improvements....some are...

Better Animation handling, with imroved user expandability
better control of menu access
sound, face animations and accessory motion smoother
faster chains (on those devices that use them)
more reliable recapturing of av's through rlv

I hope i was detailed enough lol All what you have to do now my dear readers is to visit her store and get your own  SA Hanged Display Type-1 Mesh. URL for SL market place and in world store are on the bottom:




KAI - Naughty Tropical Hammock - Rustic - Mod Copy

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: kaiya Manbi

- Kai home design

The True beauty of SL is that we can create the world and its surroundings the way we like. In this time, when summer is gone for most of us and Christmas magic in white is still far a way we need something to keep the falling leaves and Autumn fog away from our minds.  

Tropical island are a good place to be, enjoying in shade of palm trees with people that we care for, smelling the ocean and recharging our our mental batteries for new day in RL. And who better to create that virtual tropical paradise then kaiya Manbi, owner of Kai home design, the Wild Coast Naturist Resort and Turtle Coast.  The Traffic on her sims and huge group memberships give her all the credibility required.

This time ill review for you my dear readers, a brand new item from the vast selection at the Kai home design store, KAI - Naughty Tropical Hammock - Rustic.
First a bit of technical informations:

>>> NAUGHTY Tropical HAMMOCK >>> Rustic<<< ADULT version <<< Copy/Mod >>>


* Av sitter menu driven, so no pose balls are rezzed
* Singles, Pals, Cuddles, kisses & a naughy range of Adult Animations
* Copy & Full mod - no Trans
* 26 prims


Available in 5 gorgeous color themes

** Earth
** Sea
** Natural
** Rustic
** Moroccan


contains - 1 Naughty Tropical Hammock Plus 1 Naughty Standard Adult Hammock Plus 1 Naughty Lounger
BOUGHT INDIVIDUALLY (each @ 1800) THE THREE COME TO 5400 Linden - SAVE 1900 Linden on the FAT PACK

Come visit the Main store in-world to see the various texture themes - and test out the menus.

Her Magical creations and precision craftsmanship,  kaiya Manbi successfully delivers one more best seller on the market.
The Kaiya Islands Tropical private rentals and public venues have always been huge and popular in SL, these  quality products are no exception.

Following latest trends in furniture productions and sim designs in SL Kai home design gives us the latest furniture menu system that has no pose balls, easy to use, filled with carefully chosen premium animations for our intimate moments of relaxation,  pleasure and passion.

Variety of color themes will make it easy to fit on any platform, beach or  garden. The KAI - Naughty Tropical Hammock is  not only a useful piece of adult furniture but also beautiful decoration for any space of your choice.

Links for SL market place and in world store under the text:




*DD* Gorean Mesh Canopy Bedroom (BOX)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ray Zymurgy

- Digital Dream Furniture

Many store owners saying that gorean RP players are best customers in SL. Dont care much about prims or anything, they just looking for items that will be looking and matching period they RP. Since gor items are well decorated in general, they are also usually very primy to. Till now.

Ray Zymurgy owner of Digital Dream Furniture store released new *DD* Gorean Mesh Canopy Bedroom (BOX).
I didnt do much reviews for goreans in SL so im really glad that i have this opportunity now. Lets hear creator Ray Zymurgy first and some technical details:

"Looking for low prims, lots of style?

Something to fit your gorean, medieval or fantasy lifestyle?

Want all of the amazing animations, scenes and toys?

Digital Dream Presents our low prim, high style, fully functional RP sets.

Ambient shading, unique textures, quality building and design.

Created with the Master & slave in mind, with many slave centered chores and training options.

Xpose Engine System

Easily adjusted poses
Can be set to group, all or owner only
Facial Animations on/off
Chat on/off
Compatible with Xcite! & Sensations
Can be shutdown when not in use
Low lag system, has been tested in fully active Gorean sims.

* 1073 HQ Animations
* Cuddle, Love, Sex Scènes
* Slave Chores & Training
* Slave Training
* Tools & toys to complete any playtime fun.
* Combine Xpose! and MLPV2 For more power and fun

For further information contact - Ray Zymurgy in world

Come check out this and other fantastic designs at our in-world location at Digital Dream.

@ Digital Dream Mainshop, all product are discounted for group member..."

Ray send me *DD* Gorean Mesh Canopy Bedroom (BOX) and first thing that i do with new furniture that i receive for review is photo shooting. But when i start to rez all from that purchase box i realize how much is in side. Really high detailed full equipped great looking gorean room.

Traditionally high quality animations are used in bed, xpose and all else did work like clock, no flaws, all smooth and impeccable. Menus are user friendly and intuitive. Covering all from cuddles to slave chores even with scene.

If you are in gor, mid-evil or fantasy RP this is one of finest rooms and purchase offers that you can find on market in this point of time. With true high class design, xcite, RLV, bondage etc all sexual and RP fantasies can be for filled in this great surrounding that new  *DD* Gorean Mesh Canopy Bedroom (BOX) is giving you.

Digital Dream Furniture store is well established, known by customer service and discount for group members so with purchasing Digital Dream Furniture products you can be sure that you getting high quality deal and finest products for your lindens. Reason more to visit Digital Dream Furniture stores on market place or in world on URL links that are under the text:


Smooching Serpents Wild Ride

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eve Light


I have very positive response from you my dear readers considering last week high quality low cost series of furniture review on my blog. Thats why i will try at least once per week to find and present item for you that will be in 500 lin or less price range.

This week Eve Light owner of SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture released brand new Smooching Serpents Wild Ride Spanish BDSM horse with amazing performance and with great price. This is how she describes it:

*Smooching Serpents*
-----WILD RIDE-----

A little jewel in the world of bondage toys: The Wild Ride is a kinetic fuck bench and Spanish horse. Lock your slave on it, tilt her ass up, the face down, and have your way with her...


- 17 unique BDSM animations for couples

-some of the animations turn the bench into a Spanish horse

- kinetic: tilt your slave into the right position

- RLV force sit & restrictions menu

- rezzes chains

- no pose-balls

- great design with texture change

- low prim mesh

- copy permissions (rezz as many as you like!)

- free lifetime updates, this toy will never be outdated...


If you have any questions or need help, please contact Cerowain Ceawlin.

Enjoy your virtual perversions!


Eve's pose-ball free system, so successful in her latest vehicle releases and the ever so popular Scarecrow now in the second gem of her new line of low lag, low cost, super quality all mesh dungeon equipment!

Giving customers latest standards and trends in adult SL furniture industry, SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture with this Smooching Serpents Wild Ride Spanish BDSM horse provides you with high quality couple unique animations, RLV, CISS bondage system, 100% mesh 6 prim land impact unseen product, with intuitive easy to use smooth working menu.

Smooching Serpents Wild Ride will insure interest in your guests and visitors eyes by visual design, public or private displayed, and after that hour after hour sensual erotic BDSM RP fun.

Great design, great performance and great price.

Be sure to visit  SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture stores in SL market place or in world. URL's are under the text:




BH forcing HUD II RLV

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Britt Halberstam

- BH Animations

It seems that many SL users debating sex HUD's. For rape scene on some RP sim or just handy, always ready and easy to carry sex item. And now we come to the main thing, number of scripts that will HUD of our choice add to our avi.
Many will take quality of animations and menus in front of scripts, but why make compromise when you can have bout.

BH forcing HUD II RLV is my "weapon of choice" when it comes to the sex HUD and as many peppers RL will say my "EDC" (every day carry). There is many reasons why i choose BH forcing HUD II RLV but i will let creator Britt Halberstam and owner of BH Animations describe it first for you. This is what she says:

Thank you for your interest on a BH forcing HUD II RLV

This HUD is able to show you a new seamless forcing scene of 30 minutes in length!

Start and enjoy the finest animations you ever saw.

* new, up to 1,5 minutes lopped high detailed animations for pretty realistic motions
* fully automatic running forcing scene include undress matching to the situation (by using RLV)
* seamless sequence with truly animated transitions between the poses
* realistic facial expressions
* realistic representation of forced sex
* quickly adjustable positions without options menu
* start your HUD anywhere and grab a victim
(rezzing must be allowed temporary)
* force your victim to do anything you want
* includes free tk relay giver

RLV features while using a relay in auto-mode:
* automatically working smart RLV technology
* lock the victim and make it impossible to escape
* rip the clothings down of your victim with realistic animations and prevent dress again
includes preventing them from new wear
* RLV menu with several options
* capture function

Following content you will find in the main menu of the BH forcing HUD II RLV:


- "SCENE" menu for sequence which run automatic (scene start only if both balls used)
- "poses 1" menu for couple animations
- "poses 2" menu for couple animations
- "undress" menu for undress animations (start only if both pose balls used)
- "[CATCH]" menu to grab and release a victim (only if the victim uses RLV and a relay in auto-mode)
- "[RLV]" menu for several RLV commands you can impose on your victim (only if your victim use RLV and it's relay is in auto-mode)
- "STOP" stops all activities of the BH forcing HUD II RLV
- "OPTIONS" menu for several settings (usable only for the owner of the HUD)

The BH forcing HUD II RLV use RLV to give you a more realistic experience for bdsm.

All features for RLV works only if the person (playing the victim) use RLV viewer and a relay in auto-mode.
We recommend the use of the tk-relay (relay giver inside the folder you got with buying the BH forcing HUD II RLV) for the full support of RLV, only with this relay the victim will be unable to to touch anything while using the BH forcing HUD II RLV. (this make truly helpless)
Of course you can use other relays, but maybe there are limitations in functionality.

The BH forcing HUD II RLV use RLV features in two different ways.

1. RLV functions that act permanently on the PINK ball

- lock the victim
- prevents the victim from touching anything on the screen (only with the tk-relay)
- if the HUD shows an undress anim the BH forcing HUD II RLV undress / detach the relevant items of clothing and prevent dress again
2. RLV functions which can be selected by menu

[CATCH] inside this menu you find items to grab and release victims as follows:
start --> rezz a poseball (needed for grab a victim)
grab victim --> the HUD scans the surroundings within a radius of 10 m at victims with RLV using a relay in auto mode and gives out a list of people you can capture, choose the number which represents the victim you want to grab and the frame will force the victim to sit on the PINK ball (the scan maybe need up to half a minute or more to complete, depending on the the sim speed).
release --> release your victim and take all restrictions from the victim

[RLV] inside this menu you find several RLV functions.

Visit us inworld in our main store and try out what we understand under High Quality Animations.

You will see a big difference.

First that i noticed is that BH forcing HUD II RLV will add only 17 scripts to your avi. Thats nothing compared to other sex HUD's on market today.

Second is RLV feature. It really allows you to grab your partner/rape/force victim. Strip her and do all usual stuff that good RLV compatible furniture gives you options to do.

Most important, true my blog i did meet many SL animators. In my judgment Britt Halberstam is one of top 3 best animators that we have in SL now. Then you have gap, big empty space, then all the rest animators come in line. I wont mention any names but this is the way i see it. Animations are smooth and longest one in SL, premium custom made by Britt Halberstam.

Scene that BH forcing HUD II RLV have is seamless not just changing poses with special animations which connect following poses and combine them in 30 minutes hands free fun for all you
voicers out there ;)

BH forcing HUD II RLV gives you easy to use menu, with scene, undress, two sets of poses sub menus and RLV menu.
You dont need any adjustment (if you have proportional build avi) just wear it and use it. Simple and efficient.

I hope this review did give you my dear readers answers about sex HUD's that i receive from you. I appreciate each comment and suggestion that i get from you so please dont be shy if you like to read about something just let me know.

In meantime, take tp to  Britt Halberstam's BH Animations store and get your self BH forcing HUD II RLV or something else from her high quality line of adult RLV furniture. Links for SL market place and in world store on the bottom:




LA JAZZ 2 MESH Round Contemp Sex Bed v1.17 (copy)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jennifer Brennon

- Luna Animations

One of the names that i have more and more requests to make review from is Jennifer Brennon owner of Luna Animations store. Personally i dont wonder why. Her unique animations, menus and design become well known in all major adult public sims and now she is making her way in our private SL homes.

For todays review we will present LA JAZZ 2 MESH Round Contemp Sex Bed v1.17 (copy). One of the many great ones that Jennifer Brennon have in her Luna Animations store. this is what she says:

"Have an all 'round good time on the Round Contemporary bed. Powered by the revolutionary Jazz 2 Sex Engine, this bed puts all others to shame. Packed with over 700 high quality animations you will always have the right animation for whatever mood or kink strikes your fancy.

Features Include:

• Revolutionary new "One Button" system for adding animations

• Powerful features system allows you to create effects never seen before

• Completely editable system allows you to

- Redefine Menus
- Change Button Names
- Edit Duration
- Change Styles of play
- Add/Remove Sounds

• Innovative transition system

• Dynamic poseball adjustment, adapts to changes in number of users automatically

• Revamped scripts speed loading times and reduce lag more than ever before

• Streamlined scripts use half the number of scripts of the Jazz 1.0 Engine

• Xcite and Sensations compatible

• Rough sex, group sex, hot slow sex, it does it all! Get your Kink on!

• Automatic re-sync capable

• Cuddles, Kisses, foreplay, oral, and more sex animations that you will know what to do with!

• Intuitive menu system

• Upgradeable can hold thousands of animations

• Blanket control, pull the covers up or down

• Lights that can turn on/off

• Particle system comes with fireworks, love fountain, and snow (expandable, add your own or use predefined packs)

• Manager control allows for open play or group only modes

• Sexy voices, six included, expandable with predefined packs or add your own

• Rock solid script stability, user settings not lost on reset

• Easy menu configure system

• Individual controls for female/male sounds

• Facial animations

• Story mode allows sequences of animations to be played up to 36 selections long"

Options are almost unlimited, Jennifer Brennon gives us hard and straight to the point. Her style in animations is unique and cant be find any place else.

I also need to make remark how Luna Animations products are easy to upgrade and update. Expanding menu with new animations that Jennifer Brennon making so good for our pleasure is child play. One rez and 2 clicks. Thats all you need.

For conclusion, if you are looking for hard xxx bed, top system with expansion options and great customer service look no more. Just use URL from bottom to SL market place or in world store.




*KL* Large Bondage Frame

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kristina Deschanel

- *KL* BDSM Store

Its my special pleasure when i can make review for my dear friend and at same time for-fill request from you my dear readers. I receive many questions from BDSM and DS readers about furniture where you can have fun with multiple subs/slaves at same time. Naturally with awesome textures and fair price. Here is what i suggest:

*KL* Large Bondage Frame

Made by my friend Kristina Deschanel owner of *KL* BDSM Store. She got cult status in design and making BDSM furniture specially by older SL players. Its hard to find any BDSM with good reputation with out her furniture. More then few reasons for that, but lets first let her say main characteristic of  *KL* Large Bondage Frame:

Item from *KL* BDSM Store for Master and Mistress with style!

Large wooden frame construct with a lot of chains and links. Two menus for bondage of two of your pet + sex full sex menu!

* Bondage menu for two slaves at once

* Slave use (sex) menu

* Displays chains using Lockmeister compatible cuffs

* Gives cuffs

Her flawless and timeless design and choice of textures make any of *KL* BDSM Store dungeon furniture products decoration not just only high quality RP object. Kristina Deschanel did also used her knowledge and creativity in making her shoes and outfits, but since i have furniture blog i will not write much about that, just to let you my dear readers know that you can find so much more on her sim and in world store, so visit and look around. Live URL links are on bottom:




[AA] Sex Couch Classic 2.0

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

I dont know whats the cause but manors and mansions are back in style. Daily i receive at leas one question about class great looking furniture for them, so here is one of the couches i like the best and i keep in my castle to.

[AA] Sex Couch Classic 2.0 made by Alina Graf owner of Alina animations store is great blend of design and animations, piece with great decorative and RP use value in same time. This is what Alina Graf creator says about it:


Singles, couples, 3-somes and 4-somes | straight, and lesbian combinations | Sits & 2 Chairs

Alina Animations is Proud to present the latest of her creations:
3 sits in cushions and animation engine up to 4 player, both genders.
Solo, FM couples, FF couples, MMF 3somes, FFM 3somes and FFF 3somes combinations.
17 leather themes to select from leftest back cushion. Two optional chairs with same textures.
Mod + Transfer.

• 173 poses, 376 all self made animations
• Singles, Couples, 3some and 4some animations for both genders
• Straight, lesbian and female bisexual animations.
• XPose engine
• XCite! device compliant
• 12 PRIMS: mesh design
• Texture changer with 13 leather themes
• 2 optional chairs with same textures and built-in sits

Build as low prims as possible. Animation engine is in main prim in shadow. 12 prims only shadow included.

All 173 handmade animations:
• Single poses for F and M: 6
• Couple FM poses: 38
• Couple FF poses: 39
• 3some MFM poses: 22
• 3some FMF poses: 22
• 3some FFF poses: 13
• 4some MFFM poses: 9
• 4some FFFM poses: 8
• 4some MMMF poses: 8
• 4some FFFF poses: 8

• Animations are NO MOD / NO COPY / TRANSFER
• Scripts are NO MOD / NO COPY / TRANSFER

All animations are made by myself, Alina Graf
Texturing work is made by myself, Alina Graf
mesh is made by Selina Anatra


If you have fine made building, mansion or manor style, this is with out doubt right choice for you. Public or private this fine made [AA] Sex Couch Classic 2.0 will be eye catcher for your guests and visitors.

Xpose menus are user friendly and intuitive filled with high grade hand made animations that are characteristic for all
Alina animations fine products.

Alina Graf's Alina animations is well established and known
store, so customer service is with out doubt one of the best in SL.

With all that said i strongly recommend [AA] Sex Couch Classic 2.0 and suggesting you my dear readers to take few minutes of your time and visit Alina animations on SL market place or in world store on links listed below:




SC13 Naughty Rocks

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Maximus Chrome

- Scorpio13 Designs

All true ages rock was undisputed in durability, loved as foundation and decoration. Used as weapon, building material, material for destruction and to build safe house to. So why not use it for fucking also? ;)

Maximus Chrome owner and creator of Scorpio13 Designs store did came out with this so versatile piece of RP furniture SC13 Naughty Rocks. This is how he describes it:

"It's time to get back to nature with this naughty rock pile from Scorpio13 Designs. Featuring 12 natural looking rock textures and 9 multi-sits, this naughty item is discreet and perfect for any outdoor scene. The XPOSE menu features 10 single chained animations and 9 hand picked couple's erotic animations all chain configured and LockGuard/LockMeister compatible, guaranteed to please for those times when you just got to chain a slut to a rock and use her. :)"

Simple yet genius idea and product. No matter are you gorean, goth, BDSM, or any age of time and history you will have use and place for SC13 Naughty Rocks in any out door space on your land. Texture changer makes SC13 Naughty Rocks to be decoration and combine fine style and design with functionality. Price is more then affordable so waist no time and get your own rock pile on witch you will build erotic and sensual pleasures in SL.

Links for SL market place and in world store on the bottom:




SEXUS visual media system

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cunningham Capalini

- SEXUS store

It all started with innocent mistake. I did log in SL and find off line from one of my good friends letting me know that on one sim he did see bed like no where else in SL and that maybe i would like to check it out for my blog. Land mark was attached so i went there. I was in hurry so i just clicked advert board that i seen there and name was new so i send note card and offer my blog review. Some 24 hrs later im came form Cunningham Capalini owner and creator of SEXUS store and thats how we meet.

He told me i dont have bed but i do have SEXUS visual media system. When i did rez it i was amazed. Nothing close to it and advantages that SEXUS vms has i didnt see before in SL. So please my dear readers i will let Cunningham Capalini owner of the store and creator of SEXUS vms describe it for you first:

Animated gifs are common in Second Life. Usually you purchase one and it’s a single animated image. The SEXUS VMS Animated gif titles are numerous animated scenes that play one after the other with little to NO loading time. That means you don't have to wait for a blurry image to become clear. The animated titles or SHOWS will not play on there own. The SHOWS need a SEXUS vms viewer to be displayed.

This is NOT a parcel viewer or any type of streaming media. The whole system consists of one script and a note card. It’s great for homes that want a second no lag TV or just the added stimulation of porn during a roleplay.


1. Touch the center of the TV screen and choose 'ON'.

2.Wait for the SHOW to load.

NOTE: Some titles have audio as well as the visual element. In the DEMO viewer AUDIO is disabled.

Included with each show title is a demo viewer. The demo viewer will only play one title unlike the standard viewer that lets you load a catalog of shows to play. Most of the functions and features of the DEMO viewer have been disabled. Should you wish to purchase the standard viewer you can find them at the SEXUS MAINSTORE or in the SL Marketplace or at any number of vendors throughout the Second Life Grid.

The STANDARD viewer allows you to load multiple note cards or SHOWS that you can play sequentially or randomly. The standard viewer also has audio enabled for SHOWS with audio included. The enabled functions allow you to set the audio volume. You can play shows in order or randomly. You can set control access of the viewer to group members, owner only, or anyone. Additionally you can set the duration time for the loops that are playing before they transition to the next scene. The standard viewer will also hand out a landmark, info, and help if there is an issue with the system.

as the owner you have the right to add additional SHOW note cards to the viewer contents.
1. Have the standard viewer rezzed.
2. Press control (on a PC) and drag the note card from your inventory ON TO the standard viewer. With control pressed the standard viewer will be high lit indicating you can drop the note card and it will be in the viewer's inventory. Once in the inventory it can be played with along with any other note card SHOWS.

The animated GIFS That make up the various shows are INSIDE OF THE NOTECARD and cannot be viewed on their own.
TO PLAY A SHOW, the NOTECARD SHOW must be in the contents of the viewer.

reset - resets the TV controller script.
audio on
audio off
    owner - only the owner can operate the viewer, only the owner can set access or remove or add SHOW NOTECARDS
    group - anyone in the group that the viewer is set to can operate the viewer, only the owner can set access or remove or add SHOW NOTECARDS
    all - anyone can operate the viewer but only the owner can set access or remove or add SHOW NOTECARDS
    titles - list the titles out on the buttons
    play mode
        scene seq - plays the loops that make up an entire show in sequence one after the other
        scene rnd - plays the loops randomly
        scene loop - play a single gif animation and does not transition to the next in the series
        shows seq - after the series of gif animations that make up one show is complete the next note card show loaded will play and that series of gif animations will be displayed.
        shows rnd - after the series of gif animations that make up one show is complete a random loaded note card show will play and that series of gif animations will be displayed.
        show loop - the same note card show will play and not transition to the next
        notify all - the viewer will whisper chat when functions are changed and when new shows are about to start.
        notify input - the viewer will only whisper chat indicating the function being triggered when there is user interaction or a button pushed
        silent - the viewer chat is disabled
    default - time is 30 seconds. NOTE: If you set the duration to low like one second the gifs will not be able to load properly and will be blurry until they do.
    pause - just keeps a single gif loop playing.
    + or - 1 sec
    + or - 1 min
    + or - 5 sec
    + or - 5 min
    + or - 10 sec
    + or - 10 min

The TV Viewers are moddable if you want to reduce prims or make the viewer larger or smaller.

If you unlink the viewer you really only need two prims to make the viewer work. The root prim is a transparent prim the size of the screen and behind it is a prim with the name ' LCD_Screen Prim 2 in Link Set '. And that link relationship must be maintained in order for the system to work. The other prims are cosmetic and can be discarded if you like.

contact Cunningham Capalini by IM or note card if there is no answer within 24 hours.

Now let me tell you how i see it. No more blurry one prim single gif animations. This is like answered prayer for all public sex sim owners and animated porn enthusiast. So many animations in so little prims.

Upgrade options, display options, decoration value, and all that in more then great price. Maybe it is hard to describe but if you take 5 min of your time and go check it in world store you will be sold and bring that SEXUS visual media system "bad boy" home.

URL is under the text:




NBN mesh wingback chair dom and femdom 8 textures 335 animations

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sweety Enzo

- Nice but Naughty erotic furniture


I been looking high and low to find best products and lowest price for my readers. So today we got new promo offer on
Nice but Naughty erotic furniture store owned by Sweety Enzo on hers just released NBN mesh wingback chair dom and femdom 8 textures 335 animations.

Sweety Enzo got reputation for making high quality furniture with numerous options for final user, and again she did exactly that. Let's hear from her how she describe it:


35 menus defined
200 poses defined
335 animations defined
11 plays defined
39 rez objects defined
11 give items defined

♥ single sits ♥
♥ cuddles ♥
♥ massage ♥
♥ sex ♥
♥ spank♥
♥ master ♥
♥ mistress ♥
♥ pole dance ♥
♥ 50 rez and give items ♥
♥ latest xpose version ♥
♥ copy♥

In the box you find

mesh wingback chair 3 prim in 8 textures

Feel free to come to my store and test the item any time you want!

If you have any questions or need help, just IM me or send a note card

Support in English and German"

What i like to add is that u dont buy just chair like in rest of the stores. Actually in purchase box u have 8 chairs in different textures plus: flowerpot, mesh fireplace, 2 mesh tables with drink and books and with globe, 3 different book shelf's

, curtain, fan with menu and picture frame. Talking about full service there ;)

Its up to you will you use whole room or just chairs, but all is copy and high quality custom made in mesh by Sweety Enzo.

Animations are top quality like always in her products, menus user friendly and intuitive. Customer service on 2 languages ready to meet any of your needs if you will have any.

Great and fair offer for well known respectable store.

URL for market place and in world store on bottom:




Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kacey Pomegranate



Continuing my high quality original products for fair price week I'll be reviewing something from the large selection of items from Kacey Pomegranate's X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS store.

The X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS HOOKING POST has just 4 prims land impact due to the skilled craftsmanship of McChris Flanagan and is by far one of the lightest bondage posts that the SL market has to offer.

But thats only THE beginning. This fine piece of BDSM bondage furniture together with amazing design and textures holds Xpose system and CISS system with rope cuffs. Trusted and reliable.

Menu is user friendly, filled with top grade high quality animations that will insure you and your partner hours and hours of stimulating sensual erotic RP. It is X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS made so we're used to having the best from them and they are keeping their tradition alive.

X-Clusives Animations ...

* Is one of the most popular animation shops in all of SL

* Has unique animations from romance to sex, daily living to dance, club animations & specialized BDSM devices, furnishings for the entire house, indoors and out (all animated).

* Has been in business for over 6 years and continues to grow!

* Has a main store covering 2 Sims FULL SIMS.

* Has over 10,000 members in 2 groups - The VIP group offers 25% discount on most products and special MM Board gifts.

* Is competitively priced, with numerous daily specials, discounts, in-store hunts, Free Specials, MM Boards and spontaneous prize give away.

* Doesn't just set up the shop and leave it to run itself.

* Has 20+ staff members offering high quality customer service, practically around the clock, and numerous languages represented.

* Hosts dances and contest within the shop, allowing for more socializing.

* Also host a number of high quality third-party vendor items.

* Partners with numerous businesses and events to help make Second Life a more diverse, enjoyable experience for all.

Hurry up and use this special celebration opportunity to get your self some of best SL adult furniture with amazing 50% sale off.





Alterior Motions Slave Wall Hanger V2.1

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: AprilMae Devin

- Alterior Motions

One of the store that i dearly love in SL is Alterior Motions owned by AprilMae Devin. Builder, creator and animator AprilMae does all by her self there. Selling high quality animations made by her and great furniture that she builds with her own mesh and textures. Persons like that in todays SL are not so easy to find.

Since BDSM and bondage getting more and more popularity is SL with each day im getting more questions about dungeon furniture and decorations. Influenced by that for todays review i did pick Alterior Motions Slave Wall Hanger V2.1 form  AprilMae Devin store. This is how she describes it:

"Alterior Motions Slave Wall Hanger - a decadent toy for your dungeon or play room.

13 unique couple animation sets created by Aprilmae Devin.

Powered by nPose, the no pose ball system.

6 prims land impact

Props included."

Alterior Motions Slave Wall Hanger V2.1 its certainly not something that you will see each day and that appealed to me even more. Discrete, low prim, almost decoration looking item with such great functionality.

Build to for fill latest standards in SL adult furniture and equipment industry, with nPose no pose balls system, 100% mesh low prim, CISS system and easy to use menu filled with top choice custom made animations that you will find only and exclusively in this piece of furniture make Alterior Motions Slave Wall Hanger V2.1 "must have" october item for all BDSM and bondage enthusiasts in SL.

Price is more then reasonable and it continue trend that i wanna present this week, top quality furniture for fair price thats original and affordable to all SL users. Alterior Motions store is one that plans to stay in SL and create not just make quick money and be gone.

Knowing AprilMae Devin did give me chance to testify her souther hospitality so if occasion arrive that you will be needing her assistance with something thats concerning her
fine products you can relay and rest assure that she will be there and oblige any reasonable request that you might have.

URL for market place and in world store under the text:




Something Else - Woodsy Masters Chair & Submissive Cushion - Garden Floral CPY Set

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cerina Zeplin

- Something Else Designs


My dear friend Cerina Zeplin owner of Something Else Designs store is making big steps in furniture building and cutting prices so how can i not make review for you my readers about that.

Latest release from Something Else Designs store is Something Else - Woodsy Masters Chair & Submissive Cushion - Garden Floral CPY Set. Out door set for all BDSM and d/s enthusiast in SL. Submission is not always and exclusively reserved for dungeon and like Cerina Zeplin's logo says "to beautiful to keep in a dungeon". So lets take our sub and see what this fine looking set have to offer.

100% mesh master chair with only 2 prims land impact and
Submissive Cushion with also just 2 prims land impact is more then good start if you ask me. 3 things you can never have enough: health, money and free prims ;)

Following latest trends in SL adult furniture building industry Cerina Zeplin is using AVseater no pose balls system for chair and Submissive Cushion. Flawless easy to use menu, well adjusted poses and impeccable high quality chosen premium animations are insurance for great RP set and user satisfaction in fulfillment of sensual and erotic fantasies.

Knowing Cerina Zeplin for quite some time now, make me see what kinda customer service she provides, and all i have to witness so far is assistance with updating her furniture, so all can be safe on that side.

To conclude, customers in Something Else Designs buying Something Else - Woodsy Masters Chair & Submissive Cushion - Garden Floral CPY Set or any other fine piece of furniture made by Cerina Zeplin always getting best design, high quality animations and all that in more then fair and reasonable price. (reviewed chair & cushion set is well under 500 lin) Dont forget promo offer:


Inworld store direct URL on the bottom:



Copy Sex Bench v1 (Brown)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Quentin Calvert

- Jester Designs

Im getting very positive responses from you my readers about high quality items that i find for you at affordable prices, so before i present some huge beds in SL that coming out this month i decide that to keep up with trend that you like and keep all this week reviews at low or discounted prices.

That brings us to todays review piece,  Copy Sex Bench v1 (Brown) made by Quentin Calvert owner of  Jester Designs store. this is how he describe it:

"New addition to our popular range (July 2013) ~ sex bench with 186 wonderful positions (no cheap freebies). Its only 2 prims so is suitable for any home! It can also be colored to suit your own taste. Copy perms so rez as many as you like ~ ideal for landlords/ladies.

Includes solo sits, hot sex positions, cute cuddles and even a couple of slow dances. Some positions include built in low prim props."

As i did mentioned in yesterdays review, good fair price does not mean bad or low quality furniture, at least by stores that im reviewing it. Some people just like to make they creations affordable to all in SL and i like that idea.

Quentin Calvert using premium chosen animations in trusted system that gives you high grade durable furniture for your sensual and erotic moments in SL. Textures and whole build is well done, so you will not only get functional sex piece but also decoration for your SL private place or public club. And since reviewed item is copy you can rez it as much as you like.

Knowing Quentin Calvert for quite some time now, i can also assure you that his customer service is awesome and if you will have any trouble with his creations (that i never experienced so far) he will be there to assist you.

To conclude, what we have here is quality product with awesome price form long tradition and good reputation store. Witch means you have great, zero risk offer for fine furniture.

Links for SL market place and in world store are on the bottom:




*Belle's B.o.L.D.* Drunken Bitch Fuck

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: BelleJour Shinn

- Belle's Breath of Lust Design

October fest on Libido sim finished few days back, party and orgies are over for now. It was good fun, many people and many kinky furniture. I did receive some im's from my friends and readers requesting me to do review of one item that was beside stage there,*Belle's B.o.L.D.* Drunken Bitch Fuck, and im very glad that they did.

Its no secret that i love to review BelleJour Shinn work. Many reasons for that but biggest and most important one is that she dont recycle her animations. So each product is individual and unique with custom hand made animations from BelleJour just for that item and cant be find in any thing else.

This is how BelleJour Shinn owner of Belle's Breath of Lust Design and creator of product describe it:

*Belle's B.o.L.D.* Drunken Bitch Fuck

Adult Couple Sex animation menu

6 prim

10 Handmade Animations

5 Couple Poses:
piss on

Animations are Copy
Prims/Sculpts Mod/Copy

I will be free to add few of mine own remarks to. *Belle's B.o.L.D.* Drunken Bitch Fuck is ideal for urban geto slum RP sims and surroundings. Giving sim owner many options and best quality for unbelievable low price (reviewed product is well under 500 lin). With full copy and mod permissions you can unlink it and create just menu surface of one prim, or change some decorations used, and have different item on different places on your sim with same impeccable high quality custom made animations menu.

Dont let low price misguide you, each product from BelleJour Shinn is state of the art in animations, textures and performance, price is low for one reason only. Her goal is to make best products for all to use and to make them affordable for each SL user.

If there is any out there who didnt shop in Belle's Breath of Lust Design stores, aldo i doubt that, i can only assure you that customer service is at same high level as her products are.

With all that said, there is no excuse not to visit Belle's Breath of Lust Design stores, buy reviewed or some other piece of her fine made furniture or some female outfit, shoes, male prim feet, collar, bike etc for same low price.

URL for market place and in world store are on bottom:




'Shades' Rose Couch (Adult) Xcite!

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sara Greene

- Pestique store

Couple weeks ago i did review on Sara Greene's Oslo Chaise Longue and present her fine Pestique store on my blog for first time. She didnt sleep or waist any time sice then. Working hard and creating great looking new mesh products Sara Greene surprised me with new 'Shades' Rose Couch (Adult) Xcite!

Simple and elegant Couch for couples. MESH item, requires a mesh enabled viewer!

'Shades' Rose Couch is a mesh couch for one or two people in monochrome gray rose print, with plushy cushions and custom baked textures, part of the 'Shades' Living room set designed for clean lines and understated elegance. This listing is for the Adult version.

Poses are arranged in menus for Singles, CouplesPG, CouplesXX and Extras. Singles contains 9 sits each for male and female avatars - each avatar can change pose without affecting the other. CouplePG menu has 21 synchronized couples cuddles and kisses, and an Activities menu with 9 poses ranging from drinking wine to watching tv or even knitting. All activity poses rezz props which will in turn give a wearable item (touch the prop to be given the wearable), on changing pose the worn item will automatically detach. CouplesXX has 22 foreplay and sex animations for a m/f couple, and a Sequences menu with 6 long play sequences, an extra 30 unique animations linked into 6 scenes! The additional ExtrasXX menu contains all the sequence animations individually.

All adult animations in the couch are scripted to react with Xcite! genitals to control arousal levels and cock tilt. Adults and Sequence animations feature facial expressions - these can be turned off if required.
All animations are from the finest animators and are specially selected to 'fit' the couch.

Poses are easily adjustable and the couch will remember the personal adjustments of up to 400 individual avatars. All rezzed items are full prim and WILL add temporarily to prim count, however I have tried to keep them as low in prims as possible. Please allow up to 15 prims for rezzed items.

Singles Menu:

9 poses Male
9 poses Female

CouplesPG Menu:

6 casual
9 cuddles
6 kisses
9 'activities'

CouplesXX Menu:

8 Foreplay
14 Sex
6 Long play sequences (including sleeping)

Extras Menu

All 40 poses from the Sequences menu
Includes 5 super-hot female floor dances.

Perms are mod/copy, all scripts are copy only.

After so detailed description there is not much left for me to add. I only fell the need to say that Sara Greene's skill and craft in creating so good looking mesh is not that easy to find. Also i would love some feed back on what you my dear readers wanna me to make review form her fine store. So please use url's from bottom, teleport to Pestique store and witness her high quality with your own eyes and give me request for her next review presentation.




Nerenzo nestleplace Nika - adult

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Vic Nerido

- Nerenzo Design


Great thing in SL is that all is possible. We create our own weather, and before we have all in snow and Christmas spirit, lets give chance to summer and sun one more time.

Vic Nerido owner and creator of Nerenzo Design store giving us great unique item perfect for that; Nerenzo nestleplace Nika - adult.

This is how he describe it:

"Thanks for your purchase of a Nerenzo product - i hope you enjoy it!

this is the xpose menu summary:

27 menus defined
128 poses defined
213 animations defined
0 sounds defined
2 plays defined
5 rez objects defined
7 give items defined

The nestleplace is 100 % mesh. the main building contains the XPOSE menu, the little drink (coco) contains the texture changer. Please click the one or the other to get the menu for the poses or the texture changer.

If you rezz the object the first time it can take some short time till the scripts/animations are loaded - you won´t be able to use the nestleplace in this time.

Instructions when loaded (you will get the information in the local chat when ready):

If you click on the coco-drink you will get a menu where you can change the textures of the nestleplace - and set the "access" to the texture changer.  To give permissions to others to change the textures (everyone, group or people that are listed in the notecard).
how to set special permissions for the texture changer:
Press the nestleplace with the right mouse button - select "edit linked parts" from the menu of your viewer. Click the coco drink with your left mouse button and go to the tab "content".  open the notecard with the name ":mptUsers" by clicking with the right mouse button. I am listed  there, to give you an example. Just delete my name and enter the new names - please enter every name in one line. display names won't work, only the normal (old) names are supported). -> done.

To get the menu for the poses, please touch the item with your left mouse button and select a pose.

you can also adjust the colors by yourself, cause the item is mod (and copy); but keep in mind it is a mesh model and you better edit face after face.

if you are new to xpose and want to change the positions of the animations, please click on "help" (menu -> options -> help)

 If you have any question about the product please feel free to send me a notecard (!). please don't send IMs, they get capped. I will try to help you as soon as I am online.

Okies - have a nice nice day and enjoy your new nestplace!"

Following latest trends in furniture making, and using his undisputed building and creative talent Vic Nerido from Nerenzo Design store giving us again unique high quality item for our sensual erotic RP moments in SL. All that with promo price to. Great offer, great idea, great store.

Links for SL market place and inworld store are on bottom:




Alina animations - Pool Table V1 (Mesh)

[AA] Pool Table V1 (Mesh)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

I did have few requests to recommend sex pool table that are copy if possible. And since in Sl all is possible, hell we can even fly dont we, this will be my recommendation.  [AA] Pool Table V1 (Mesh) from Alina animations store. Let me give you some technical details and then to tell you why i choose this table over the others. Alina Graf owner of the Alina animations store describe it like this:


Perv German Oktoberfest

Perv German Oktoberfest

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Organization: BelleJour Shinn & Alina Graf

- Libido Sim, Lenora


I know its not just furniture this time, but much more. Making Libido sim one of the best and kinkiest in SL BelleJour Shinn giving to her group members and all sim visitors traditionally so many furniture, outfits, and other gifts, but above all great sim to be in sl and satisfy your lust and adult shopping needs.

Saturday Oct 5  from 1 pm slt to 3 pm slt Yves Welles live on our Oktoberfest for last event on this 5 days long celebration, chance for all to enjoy and relax in the way the prefer. His song list include 195 covers - 42 original songs so fun and pleasure are guaranteed.

*Alina & Belle's* Fill the Keg - Mesh is still free to all that didnt get it so far. 100% mesh with only 2 prims land impact, custom made animations specially for this event by some of best SL animators and all that FREE for taking. No one can beat that offer.

With all that said i hope to see you all Saturday Oct 5  from 1 pm slt to 3 pm slt on url posted below


X-clusives Animations - Radiator


Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kacey Pomegranate



Often im asked to commender furniture for certain RP sim, home or SL porn shooting set, and i like that very much. One of my faithful readers asked me about radiator that she will use in her urban/getho/slum sim so i decided to make review of one that i like for all to read.


Authentic Animations - FemDom Chair V1.4

FemDom Chair V1.4

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Nickie Binder

- Authentic Animations

All that know me, know that i love to discover new stores and animators. Nickie Binder i did meet few years back on one RP sim, she did im me and offer me to see her store. Thats pretty much like you luring kid in candy store in my case lol. i did like what i find by her, and now she is in my blog with her opening piece of furniture. this is what she says about her store and FemDom Chair V1.4 that we present here today: