Windmaster A-Pose Hammock 1 Org 2 3 4 somes BDSM

Windmaster A-Pose Hammock 1 Org 2 3 4 somes BDSM

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Windmaster4 Vernon

- Windmaster Production


Windmaster, one of the oldest adult furniture makers in SL continues with new releases in the new no-pose ball menu system, today with just released Windmaster A-Pose Hammock 1 Org! Available in 3 different versions and price ranges, offering the final user option to choose the version that suits best their needs!

So let's start with a review and go into more details!

Technical details and description from creator,  Windmaster4 Vernon: 

"Have a look at the A-Pose!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sex Engine.

Partial Menus in the pictures above.

Please Join us as A-Pose Grows...


Pictures are not always as shown as menus evolve!!


All this in 1! menu... Do Not let others try and fool you,

with multiple menus.

****No Pose Balls****

2 some Cuddles - Massage - Dance about 64 poses = 128 usable animations

2 some Dance Pole about 20 poses F = 40 usable animations

2 some Dance Pole about 6 poses M = 12 usable animations

2 some Oral about 35 poses = 70 usable animations

2 some Coitus about 52 poses = 104 usable animations

2 some Daring about 32 poses = 64 usable animations

2 some F/F about 60 poses = 120 usable animations

2 some Vamp about 20 poses = 40 usable animations

2 some Hot Tub about 40 poses = 80 usable animations

2 some Tantra about 40 poses = 80 usable animations

2 some BSDM Wheel about 45 poses = 90 usable animations

2 some BDSM Gym Horse about 25 poses = 50 usable animations

2 some BDSM Spider Chair about 8 poses = 16 usable animations

2 some BDSM Stocks about 8 poses = 16 usable animations

3 some mmf about 56 poses = 168 usable animations

3 some mff about 48 poses = 144 usable animations

3 some fff about 32 poses = 96 usable animations

4 some ffff about 16 poses = 64 usable animations

4 some mfmf about 35 poses = 140 usable animations

4 some Hot Tub about 10 poses = 40 usable animations

1F - 3M about 18 poses = 72 usable animations

1M - 3F about 20 poses = 80 usable animations

over 675 poses

over 1700 used animations.

(PS-As a rule the in world store may have a newer version)


*Seq-Fem-Dance, *Seq-Fem-Stool, *Seq-Male-Dance

*Seq-Luv-Taste, *Seq-Luv-RIDE1, *Seq-Luv-RIDE2


Poses 60 Seconds apart

Prev/Play-Pause/Next sequence

**You Want to Swap **

Easy Pick a person in the menu with Smart Swap...

**Swap That easy** pick a male spot - pick a female spot. Whatever )

To Any position!

Use your imagination!

* could we add more sure *

* could we do a custom menu sure *

* ps we have posed up to 18 Somes ) what a mess lol

Visit the Store to test away and for more Shopping!

* Are we perfect? No

* Will we make mistakes sure?... Will we fix it then sure ) *

* Will we grow? Yes for sure ) *

* Will we get better? yes for sure ) *

Always something new :) please check the store Inworld for new updates or Newer Versions

Trying to pose for your imagination...

Trying to make others Smile..one pose at a time!

We will Never! say we are the best! Only trying to make all Better and Naughtier!

Ps... If you need Vampire Poses.. just ask away...

Have a Great one


Windmaster Productions

P.S. Any errors or omissions are my faults - maybe!! Please let me know Thank you---

Setting Poses since 2007 (... maybe earlier ssshhhhh)"

Made in 17 prims land impact, this new fine, and luxurious product, Windmaster A-Pose Hammock 1 Org, following in the best way the long tradition of craftsmanship in all Windmaster Production creations, is giving you options to choose how much you wanna spend based on your personal needs and sexual preferences. Let me explain that please; if you don't like group sex, just choose a version without it, or if you like all, and wanna cover all your potential sim or home visitors' wishes and demands go with the full luxurious Windmaster A-Pose Hammock 1 Org. In any way, and no matter what version you will choose, you get the best bang for your buck ;)

You can find Windmaster A-Pose Hammock 1 Org in 3 different menu sizes and price ranges:

A-Pose Hammock 1 Org 2 3 4 somes BDSM V17p 1700+used anim

A-Pose Hammock 1 Org 2 somes BDSM V17p 900+used anim Version 2 bdsm

A-Pose Hammock 1 Org 2 somes NO BDSM V17p 675+used anim Version no bdsm

all of them are available in world store or on the market place!

The main menu is easy to use and logical, made in a no-pose-balls system, described in the creator's part of the review, so you can see there are plenty of ways to use and enjoy this fine product.

All animations used in the new Windmaster A-Pose Hammock 1 Org are high in quality and long in duration and on the test for this review Windmaster A-Pose Hammock 1 Org performed flawlessly. All animations were smooth in transition and well-aligned. I was not able to find any downside to this fine product.

With all that said, I do recommend the new Windmaster A-Pose Hammock 1 Org and other fine Windmaster Production products to all my readers, and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place:




In World Store:


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