Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

Alina Graf is devotedly working on update of her products, products that we all know and love. Biggest request from you regarding her furniture is menu with out pose balls, and where ever she can, due the memory issues with big orgies menus, she will replace pose balls menu with no pose balls system menu.

Well known and original [AA] SEX GYNECOLOGICAL CHAIR V2.3M just got new no pose balls menu, so lets see how it will work now :)

Technical details and description from creator, Alina Graf:


Singles, couples and 3-somes | straight, lesbian and shemale combinations | Back seat going up and down according to pose | Swinger or Cuckhold fantasies sex toy | Bisexual female, male and shemale poses | 2 voyeurs poses M and F | Copy permission

Alina Animations is Proud to present the latest of my creations:
Gynecological Chair to play doctor with or without your husband. Play alone waiting doctor or let a male or female doctor visit you: it could be more fun than uncomfy.
Play with your husband as doctor, or having doctor and your husband together.
Hold her hand while the doctor "visits" her or collaborate as much as possible with his/her examination.
Hubby can play a cuckhold role, letting the doctor have sex with her wife while he watches. He can share her with doctor and take her both ways. He could enjoy female or a shemale doctor himself, having her while she is fucking her willing wife or help the wife sucking that huge girlcock!
Good for any bisexual open minded player.

• No medical/examination poses included: only sex poses to have as much fun as possible!
• 59+2 poses, 96+2 all self-made animations
• Singles, Couples and 3some animations for both genders
• Straight, lesbian and bisexual animations
• 2 voyeur pose, male and female
• Sex toys giver to use in poses
• No poseballs
• 5 PRIMS: low prims design
• Enabled for AVSitter Experience: no permission need to attach the props!
• Security for Sits and Menus, for owner, group or all

As low prims as possible sculpt build from a master builder with rests for feet, back going up and down with poses. Black leather texture and metal frame.

All 98 handmade and original animations made by me, mostly brand new and expressly made for this product:

• Gyn Chair are MOD / COPY / NO TRANSFER
• Animations are NO MOD / COPY / NO TRANSFER
• Scripts are NO MOD / COPY / NO TRANSFER

All animations are made from myself, Alina Graf
Chair mesh model is made by Selina Anatra
AVSitter configuration is made by Conor Roecastle
Please visit my main store"

Made in just 5 prims land impact, this fine [AA] SEX GYNECOLOGICAL CHAIR V2.3M is ideal for any kinda medical RP scenario and opens many new ways to play and enjoy in it with options in menu.

Main menu is easy to use and logical, divided on following sub menus: patient, doctor, hubby, +voyeur m, +voyeur f and adjust button. So as you can see plenty ways to enjoy and use this fine product.

With this new high quality product, SEX GYNECOLOGICAL CHAIR V2.3M, Alina is giving us again premium animations and expanding ways and options that we can RP in SL. All animations used in this new product, SEX GYNECOLOGICAL CHAIR V2.3M, are hand made by her, and they are product of many years experience and skills in adult animations making in SL. Duration long, and frames per second rich to provide you with awesome visual animated stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP scenario.

On test for this review [AA] SEX GYNECOLOGICAL CHAIR V2.3M did performed flawlessly, animations where smooth in transition, well aligned and i was not able to find any down side to it.

With that said, i do recommend [AA] SEX GYNECOLOGICAL CHAIR V2.3M and other fine Alina animations products to all my readers that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place:


In World Store:


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