*:Belle's:.:B.o.L.D.:*@ Indulgence BDSM & Kinky Fair

*:Belle's:.:B.o.L.D.:*Ra-waN Statue Mesh, *:Belle's:.:B.o.L.D.:* De-votA Statue Mesh & *:Belle's:.:B.o.L.D. De-votA LM Giver Mesh are exclusive for event till end of July

*** special offer: Cabinet, Drunken Bitch and Barrel rape is 50% off price on the event till end of July ***

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: BelleJour Shinn

- Belle's Breath of Lust Design

Technical details and description from creator, BelleJour Shinn:

" *:Belle's:.:B.o.L.D .  Mesh INFO

© 2009/15 Belle's Breath of Lust Design, All Rights Reserved





!! First: English is not my first Language, i hope this Readme is good to understand!

Mesh in Second Life,
you can make Mesh as large (or small) as you like (SL Limit), but the Land impact will increase with size!!
For optimal looking Materials on Mesh you must "Advance Lightning Model" and "Ambient Occlusion" in Viewer enable!

* Info:
My Mesh Statue are all Handmade Mesh with Handmade Texture, the Statue is Mod and Copy.

If you have a question or problem with my Items, than please send me a notecard with your Name, Product-Name, Sell-Date and/or full transaction history from sale and what happened with the item. This will help me to help you better and faster.

Thank you and enjoy,
BelleJour Shinn
Belle's Breath of Lust Design and Belle's Back-Door Shop.
Animations/Texture/Mesh Handmade by BelleJour Shinn"

We all know BelleJour Shinn as exquisite animator and builder. I alone can type half page of SL items that she did for me, all in best quality and low prim possible. Way back from prim days, true sculpt maps and mesh now, belle is showing us and offering her new creations with highest quality for low and affordable price to all SL users.

For this month INDULGENCE BDSM & KINK FAIR, she got 3 new and exclusive statues out, all in mesh, mod and copy, from 8 to 4 prims land impact. Do you wanna use them just as decorations, LM givers etc, is up to you. Only thing that i can say for sure with any BelleJour Shinn products you just cant go wrong.

In addition, 3 of her well known products, Cabinet, Drunken Bitch and Barrel rape is 50% off price on the event till end of July, so if you still don't have them, please use this special offer and get your self one in half price.

With my recommendation, you can find all this till the end of July on INDULGENCE BDSM & KINK FAIR on link under the text and after that in her in world store and SL market place store, but on regular price.



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